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Wedding photographer Faroe Island

Brúdleyp Ljósmynd Føroyar – Wedding photographer Faroe Island 

OK, so you’ve been looking for a wedding photographer on Faroe Island and found this page! Well, welcome to my wedding photo blog!

I’m a wedding photographer from Gothenburg/Sweden and I’ve been shooting weddings for a few years now. It’s been mostly weddings in the western part of Sweden and although my home contry is very beautiful (quite near perfect, I might say) to photograph weddings in, it would be kinda cool to shoot a wedding on the Faroe Island.

That’s why I set up this page, hoping that the almighty Google will find it and add it to the list when people are searching for Brúdleyp Ljósmynd Føroyar – Wedding photographer Faroe Island.

So please take a moment and look through my Portfoli. I hope you’ll find something you like. And if you do, just use the contact form below to let me know!

By the way, all of the posts are in swedish but I think you’ll get the picture

If you like what you see, please contact me at hello [at]


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